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Know About Top 15 Popular Free Live-Chat Software Tools

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September 24th, 2020   |   Updated on May 26th, 2021

1. Drift

When the world is witnessing new and innovative modes of communication then we cannot neglect the significance of live chat service. Live chat has changed the method of communication and customer handling tasks.

Capteraa has conducted a survey that has revealed the statics that 36 percent of U.S businesses adopt live chat to interact with the customer support team.

It is one of the most commonly used services. Nearly 27 percent of U.S customers give preference to live chat with customer and service engagement.

If you want more clarity then more than 80 percent of consumers believe that website should have customer service interaction such as chatbots or live chat to make your shopping experience smooth and fruitful.

The above statics show that live chat is a widely used alternative among consumers, but the live chat software must not exceed the budget.

Bountiful live chat software and tools have free plan and it is not about trial versions that you need an upgrade after the trial duration.

We have highlighted 5 popular free live chat software tools. Have a glance at it and choose as per your budget and business needs.

1. Userlike

The features of Userlike include cloud-based live chat, automated customer profile generation, the transmission of chat transcripts, customization of chat, and much more.

The free version of this software provides just one chat widget (a single chat window setting for a website) and a single operator. But besides that, it gives the facility of infinite chats.

The software enables users to generate operator groups, normally classified via profile or role.

These groups eliminate the problem of standing in the queue, because customers can choose straight to the concerned department they want.

It helps them to handle the workload of executives. Consumers can give ratings and leave an immediate review to the operators.

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2. Pure Chat

Pure Chat is another significant cloud based live chat software that delivers chat history and infinite chats features to the customs.

The free trial enables brilliant features such as file transfers, 3 live chat operators, and instant responses, alert based intimation, and amalgamation with anther software tools.

The Pure Chat software application facilitates a higher version of a business contact page known as the engagement hub.

The engagement hub consolidates communication medium comprising a Twitter handle, live chat, phone number, location, and email address.

These entire communication mediums integrated into a single bar widget that is published on each page of the site. This makes consumers interact with organizations easily.

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3. Chaport

Like the above-described chat software, Chaport is also live chat software with cloud features.

The benefits of Chaport are reporting group chats, typing insights, fine transfer, and widget customization. The free trial of this software delivers central widget customization, limitless chats, and 30-day chat history.

The email address request form feature assists agents to accumulate visitor’s email addresses for collective data.

In a free plan, the infinite number of operators can register, however only one operator becomes online at a single turn.

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4. Chatra

Chatra is crucial live chat software that also has cloud features. However, in the free plan, it provides only one operator account. The free plan of this live chat software provides infinite synchronized chats on several websites.

Users can get the facility of chat transcripts emailing, chat history for visitors and operators, offline messaging, and all that.

The operator can give recommendations about a particular chat session or client that other operators can pass on at the time of future communication.

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5. is one of the popular cloud-based live chat software. It has unlimited features for its free users. It enables businesses to appoint live chat operators initiating at $1 per hour.

Prominent features of are data encryption, desktop/mail notifications, integrated ticketing system, customized widgets, real-time tracking, mobile apps, and customized shortcuts.

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6. LiAgentve

LiveAgent is the ideal WordPress chat plugin for those that need an omnichannel live chat solution. The WordPress live chat software is fully customizable, language adaptable, and packed with robust live chat and helpdesk features.

LiveAgent boasts the fastest chat widget on the market. We provide a fully-featured live chat software that helps you personalize customer communication. LiveAgent harnesses the power of a universal inbox, real-time live chat, built-in call center, and a robust customer service portal.

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7. LiveChat

LiveChat is a powerful chat and helpdesk software ideal for eCommerce sales, customer support, and lead generation. The LiveChat WordPress plugin is fully customizable and supports rich messaging with integrated menus and carousels for product recommendations.

The LiveChat WordPress plugin is ideal for eCommerce businesses that have high volumes of traffic and need a solution that can automate processes without involving the customer support team.

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8. Olark

Olark’s WordPress chat plugin takes just seconds to add to your website, so you can start talking to customers right away. We’ve also built Olark to be very fast to learn. You got this, seriously!

Not only that, but everything you do in Olark integrates directly into many other popular tools that you already use, from CRM and email to e-commerce and analytics. Try out Olark for mobile too, now in Beta!

Our WordPress chat tool also lets you customize your chatbox appearance, create rules and shortcuts for efficient chatting, save and search your chat transcripts, and much more.

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9. Support Board

Support Board is the ideal WordPress chat plugin for “productivity-oriented people and businesses”. If your support agents spend a lot of time on Slack, Support Board might be the right choice for you.

Its direct integration with Slack allows agents to answer live chats directly from their Slack accounts thanks to a two-way real-time sync.

Support Board is an AI bot-driven WordPress chat plugin that helps users automate customer support requests with chatbots and an integrated live chat.

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10. Tidio

Tidio bots employ AI solutions to recognize customers’ queries and act upon them. They can also save abandoned carts, offer discounts, generate leads, and much more.

Tidio is arguably the best free WordPress live chat plugin and chatbot on the planet. If you believe that online communication should be easy and effective, Tidio is all you need.

With Tidio you’ll engage your audience, nurture leads, automate work, and grow your business.

See how easy it is to implement our chat plugin on your website. The whole setup takes about 3 minutes. If you’re new to WordPress, don’t worry. Our support team is always there to help you.

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11. Zendesk chat

Businesses that interact with potential customers online are better placed to build a connection and increase their revenues. The Zendesk Chat app will let you answer your customer’s questions in real time and ease them into a purchase.

With Zendesk Chat, visitors to your website will be able to chat directly with you through the widget and you can manage multiple conversations through the online Dashboard.

Zendesk makes customer service better. We build software to meet customer needs, set your team up for success, and keep your business in sync.

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12. HubSpot

HubSpot enables you to grow your business better. It helps turn visitors into leads, nurture them into customers, and measure your business growth.

HubSpot is a great WordPress chat plugin for existing HubSpot users and those that want a free but advanced live chat widget. If you check out the key features of the free plan, you’ll see that HubSpot offers chatbots, rich messaging, and unlimited agent seats which is more advanced than most free WordPress live chat plugins.

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13. WP Live Chat Support

Connect with your website visitors for free with the 3CX Live Chat plugin. With more than 1,900,000 downloads, 3CX Live Chat is the most popular, effective and reliable live chat plugin for WordPress. Increase conversions and boost customer satisfaction by communicating directly with your website visitors in real-time.

Agents can initiate a live chat with a visitor or vice versa. Once the live chat plugin is activated, click on “Live Chat” in the left menu navigation. When a visitor lands on your website, their details will be displayed in the live chat control panel. They can start a conversation by entering their details in the live chat box displayed on their screen and clicking “Start chat”. A notification will play in your live chat control panel.

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14. Crisp

Crisp Live Chat is a free and beautiful chat for your website. This is the ultimate free Live Chat plugin for WordPress if you want to grow your email list, generate leads, and enhance your customer relationship within the same software.

The free plugin includes live chat, Real-time notifications, Desktop apps, Mobile apps, Availability schedule. All these features work immediately with no developer help needed.

By adding this plugin to your WordPress site, you’ll gain access to Crisp Inbox for Marketing, Sales, and Support teams, as well as Crisp Helpdesk, our free online educational resources that will help you to better use Crisp and support your customers.

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15. Drift

Drift is the ideal WordPress chat plugin for those that don’t need many advanced live chat features but want to focus more on lead generation, qualification, and conversion through advanced website visitor monitoring.

Often, you don’t need more traffic to close more sales. You just need to talk to visitors when they’re live on your site. Help customers who get stuck, encourage them to use your product, and get critical feedback – all inside your app, in real-time.

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What Are The Criteria To Choose Free Live Software for Your Business?

Now you have known about all the information on the best 5 free live chat software in this article. You need to keep the below-mentioned points in your mind while choosing the ideal live chat software.

1. Collect the information of operators in the free plan

If the live chat software is unable to suit your business in terms of the number of live operators, then don’t choose it.

2. Read users testimonial and feedback

The users of the particular live chat software tell the real picture of the product. You can decide to buy software depending on the customer reviews on that.,

3. Compare the premium plan price

If you want a premium version of the live chat software in the near future, then you must make sure that the cost of the upgrade plan is under your budget. This will eventually help in expanding your business in the future.

Also, make sure that the premium version of the software contains all the benefits that you need for the enhancement of your business.