10 Most Popular Emojis You Always See On Social Media

Published on February 12th, 2020

Emojis are on their way to becoming a language of their own. With over three thousand emojis in the Unicode Standard, there is an emoji for almost every occasion.

From text messaging to social media and even emails and advertisements, emojis are everywhere.

Even games, apps and books have been invaded by these little electronic images. Well, here are the top emojis that pop up all over the place.

On fire like the fire emoji and as cool as ice, here are the 10 most popular emojis you always see on social media.

The Top Ten

1. Face With Tears Of Joy

tears joy

You’d be surprised to learn that this emoji is at the top of the list. This emoji is just so versatile and useful for any event! Your dog pooped on your carpet? Face with tears of joy emoji. Stepped on a LEGO brick? This emoji makes an appearance again.

Used not just to show joy but also humor in any situation, this emoji literally lets you laugh at anything and everything under the sun.

2. Loudly Crying Face

The direct opposite of our first entry, this sobbing emoji is used for moments of sadness. A commonly used emoji, both men and women have this listed as their 2nd most used emoji. So does this mean that the saying “boys don’t cry” isn’t true?

3. Heart Eyes

One of the most popular emojis for Valentine’s Day, This emoji often pops up beside the words “cute” and “beautiful”. A flirty, fun little emoji, use this when talking to your loved ones, and see them blush.

4. Red Heart

The classics never go out of style. The red heart emoji is another favorite emoji for expressing love and affection. Use this to highlight an achievement or relationship.

A more subtle approach to flirting than the heart eyes emoji, use this emoji to show you’re happy to your significant other.

5. Thumbs Up

Market Well

This emoji is used to show approval, acknowledgment or agreement. It comes in a variety of colors and shades. Want to show that you like something? Bring on the thumbs up!

6. Folded Hands

Used to indicate prayer, or to say “please” and “thank you”, and even used as a virtual high-five, the folded hands emoji does it all.

Used to show gratitude, this emoji is also most often associated with the words “family”, “good” and “love”.

7. Thinking Face

An emoji for those deep in thought. The thinking face emoji can also be used to imply a question or even skepticism. You can also use this to show you have a solution to a problem or question, especially when paired with the light bulb emoji.

8. Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes

This cute little emoji is a popular response to a compliment. A great way to show people you’re happy, or to show that you feel appreciated. A popular emoji for birthdays, holidays, or any celebration, really.

9. Rolling On The Floor Laughing

An emoji that reacts to something really hilarious. Also called ROFL for short, combine this emoji with the face with tears of joy emoji to let people know you’re having a great laugh.

10. Two Hearts

Female and man's hands with red hearts

Last on the list is the double hearts emoji. Sometimes red, sometimes pink, but always cute and sweet, these hearts are just ready for that special someone, “Happy” and “love” are the words most commonly associated with this emoji.

Emojis Across The World

Each country has a favorite emoji, one that keeps seeing use from. Let’s take a look at a few countries and their favorite emojis across different platforms.

The United Kingdom likes the LOL face while the United States and Indonesia prefer to ROFL. The French use the winking face emoji. Germany and Thailand, meanwhile, opt for the simple smiling face.

Spain and Italy love the kiss emoji while Mexico and Brazil go for the heart eyes emoji. Australia loves to send birthday greetings. Aussies also like to use emojis associated with alcohol and junk food.

The trend changes once we take a look at messaging apps. The UK, Canada, and Thailand like to use heart emoji.

The US and India opt for the kiss emoji. And there you have it, the top emojis used across the globe. How about you? What’s your favorite emoji?