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15 Effective Predictive Analytics Tools In 2021

Predictive Analytics Tools

July 26th, 2020   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Everyone nowadays wants to use predictive analysis as a lot of interest is developing in Big Data and AI.

Surveys indicate that nearly 90% of the organization feel that predictive analysis is important for future success. However, very few of them are actually using Predictive analysis tools.

One reason why this is happening because it is difficult to choose the perfect technology for your needs. People rush into buying a tool and often make the wrong decision.

In order to make the right chose you may ask the following questions:

  • Who will be using the tools?
  • Do you have a dedicated team to handle the software?
  • Do you need a customized solution according to your business type?
  • What is going to be the initial use case?
  • Do you plan to use predictive analysis for research?
  • How are your predictive analysis requirements change?
  • What other tools you will need to support your predictive analysis solution?
  • What will the preferred deployment mode?
  • What is your budget for the same?

Once you are able to answer these questions you can decide the features that hold the most important for you.

On the basis of the same, you can choose predictive analysis tools that would be most apt. Here we tell you 15 predictive analytics tools that you may consider before you start your selection.

1. Everstring


Everstring is a cloud-based predictive analysis platform that allows users to manage B2B data for sales and marketing.

Everstring’s key features include account-based marketing, company search, prioritize accounts, market automation, workflow integration and insights for personalized communications.

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Review: Capterra

The search engine easily allows me to search for companies I have sold to previously or had great success with, and then find similar organizations to.

This gives me the advantage to referencing their competition, and telling a story as to why this my technology is valuable and impactful in their space.

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2. Infer


Infer is a predictive sales and marketing tool that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and custom algorithms to deliver the industry’s most accurate lead scores.

It analyzes the data collected in CRM and marketing automation systems and discovers the signals that reveal a propensity to buy.

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Review: G2

Infer offers a free trial for testing the application, it has very good features that provide Machine Learning analytics regarding of multiple data of users, receives information from many external sources in order to make an appropriate profile and from there the evaluation of an specific user.

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3. Tableau


Tableau is an integrated business intelligence (BI) and analytics solution that helps to analyze key business data and generate meaningful insights.

The solution helps businesses to collect data from multiple source points such as SQL databases, spreadsheets, cloud apps like Google Analytics and Salesforce to create a collective dataset.

Tableau’s live visual analytics and interactive dashboard allow slicing & dicing datasets for generating relevant insights and exploring new opportunities.

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Review: PCMag

Tableau Desktop was one of the early players in the self-service business intelligence (BI) space. It’s this maturity that makes it one of our three Editors’ Choice winners for the category.

New competitors, along with the rise of Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT), have put the pressure on Tableau to constantly improve over the years.

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4. Domo


Domo is the Business Cloud, empowering organizations of all sizes with BI leverage at cloud scale in record time.

With Domo, BI-critical processes that took weeks, months or more can now be done on the fly, in minutes or seconds, at unbelievable scale, helping teams and organizations go fast, go big and go bold.

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Review: Softwareadvice

We were originally looking for dashboard software. Something like Geckoboard, but we wanted something more advanced.

We were using multiple tools, and wanted to collect data from them. We then found Domo. Within days we had integrated our CRM database, Website Analytics, Invoicing database, and Order Processing database.

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5. Radius


Radius is a cloud-based marketing intelligence solution for small, midsize and large businesses.

It caters to various industries including food services, software and technology, construction, hospitality, media, internet, education, retail, wholesale, finance, insurance and health care.

Primary features include data management, data sourcing, predictive intelligence, marketing management and lead scoring.

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Review: Capterra

What is helping me find right customer at right time and at right place. No trained marketing team can help achieve such excellent results like Radius.

The moment I subscribed to Radius, I do not require my big marketing team anymore. Radius is helping me find qualitative leads in very less span of time than that of my team.

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6. Dundas BI Software

Dundas BI Software

Dundas BI, from Dundas Data Visualization, is a browser-based business intelligence and data visualization platformthat includes integrated dashboards, reporting tools, and data analytics.

It provides end users the ability to create interactive, customizable dashboards, build their own reports, run ad-hoc queries and analyze and drill-down into their data and performance metrics.

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Review: Capterra

We needed a self-service BI solution that would cover manufacturing operations dashboards and use cases.

We wanted a tool that would allow for the distribution of centralized common dashboards but also allow for self-service customization.

It needed to connect to multiple disparate data sources, and provide native ETL. It also needed to allow for real-time refresh capability.

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7. Style Intelligence

Style Intelligence

InetSoft Style Intelligence is a business intelligence software platform that allows users to create dashboards, visual analyses and reports via a data mashup engine—a tool that integrates data in real time from multiple sources.

These sources can include OLAP servers, ERP apps Web services, relational databases and spreadsheets.

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Review: G2

The flexibility of the system is very robust. The ability to connect to disparate data sources and “mash them up” into a single dashboard or report makes this our go-to for data analysis.

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8. Sisense


Sisense is an agile business intelligence (BI) solution that provides advanced tools to manage and support business data with analytics, visuals and reporting.

The solution allows businesses to analyze big and disparate datasets and generate relevant business trends for them.

Sisense allows businesses to combine data from many disparate sources and club them into a single database. Once done, the solution itself rearranges data into a predefined standard format.

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Review: Trustradius

As a Business Intelligence professional, I live to learned about new solutions to create opportunities in different sized organizations.

We implemented Sisense in order to help visualize data across different organizations. As of now the tool is used to display performance indicators and to help develop and maintain the performance-based budget.

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9. Halo


Halo is an end-to-end supply chain management and business intelligence platform that helps in business planning and forecasting inventory for supply chain management.

The system uses data from all sources – big, small, and in-between – to form a cumulative view of all business information.

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Review: G2

How reliable this product is. We have had no major issues with this product during the six plus years we have been using.

Folks love this application. At first, it take users sometime to get used this type of tool but once they become familiar they love it.

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BOARD allows users to pull from almost any data source, as well as generate full self-service reporting.

The reports can be exported into several different formats, if necessary, such as CSV, HTML, and more.

The system also features extensive multi-lingual capabilities, making it a great fit for companies that need to deliver reports in another language.

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Review: Capterra

As a complete BI solution, BOARD allows a developer to easily create the structures required to build extremely powerful and fast data models by using ‘sparsity’ – the method of calculating the actual space required for cube objects.

A great strength in modelling is the ability to rename and change relationships on the fly.

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11. Statistica


Statistica provides several business intelligence tools that run parallel and work in tandem. Their Decisioning Platform uses predictive analytics to help you make smarter and more agile business decisions.

By applying custom business and contextual rules (like state and local laws) and tracking patterns in your business data, the app can predict customer and market behavior and help you pinpoint business opportunities.

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Review: Capterra

The variety of information that is available is good. I used this software a lot for one of my writing courses in university where we had to write fact-based stories.

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12. RapidMiner Studio

RapidMiner Studio

RapidMiner is a cloud-based and on-premise data science solution, which helps small to large organizations access, load and analyze structured and unstructured data. Key features include process automation, model validation, data connection, and blending.

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Review: Trustradius

My introduction to RapidMiner Studio began in 2014 when I decided to write a second edition of my data mining textbook. Although I was not familiar with RapidMiner Studio, I knew it to be a popular tool for data mining and analytics.

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BM SPSS (originally called Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) uses data modeling and statistics-based analytics.

The software’s reach includes structured and unstructured data. This software is available in the cloud, on premise, or via hybrid deployment to fit any security and mobility needs.

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Review: Gartner

“Overall, SPSS is a great tool for analyzing complex market research survey. But there are few instances where i found the tool to be lagging a little while comparing it with other data analysis tools.

Firstly, while running simple cross tabulation, SPSS doesn’t allow the functioning of multiple banner crosstabs and custom exporting it in excel.

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SAP HANA provides database and application services in-memory or in the cloud. Because you can access your data from any connected application, SAP will build predictive models based on whatever you feed it.

This software cuts down on the time it takes to build your models with additional connectors for external “Big Data” sets and intuitive visual workflows.

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Review: Trustradius

SAP HANA is a premium ERP solution that is used across many verticals. It helps us to improve performance and save space to create efficiency in processing information.

HANA databases are used across all verticals creating better effectiveness in storage and data transfer. It helps us to do real-time analysis of data to make quick and precise decisions over different facets of verticals.

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15. TrenData


TrenData People Analytics is a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) solution designed for midsize businesses across various industries.

The solution offers various HR analytics and workforce management features such as compensation plan modeling, succession planning, HR metrics library, talent management and more.

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Review: Capterra

We are a services company, with IT talent as our main focus in multiple offices, having TrenData as our people analytics software has helped us see trends by location, which empowered us to plan and take action by location vs. reacting as a whole after the fact.

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