50 Star Wars Jokes That Are Hilarious But Will Make You Laugh

Star Wars Jokes

April 15th, 2021   |   Updated on March 21st, 2022

There have been plenty of Star Wars puns for everyone, whether you’re an independent thinker who believes Star Wars starts and ends with the first trilogy or you live and breathe Baby Yoda. We’ve compiled the most exhaustive and thorough selection of stories about a galaxy far, far away for your pleasure. “Mirth leads to grinning; grinning leads to muted giggling; muted giggling leads to filled guffawing,” to quote Yoda.

As a fanatic, you also understand that Star Wars puns are the only thing good than Star Wars jokes. Yoda, perhaps, is the best. Yes, we’re taking the ele-Vader to new levels of hilarity. It’s up to you to Han it to us! We may have put on a lot of Leia, but these Star Wars puns will make Ani laugh. We’ve compiled a list of 50 hilarious Star Wars jokes that even Darth Vader would like!

1. What did Han Solo say to the waiter who recommended the haddock?

Never sell me the cods!


2. How does Darth Vader like his toast?

On the dark side.


3. Why didn’t any of Luke Skywalker’s marriages last?

He always followed Obi-Wan’s advice: “Use divorce, Luke.”


4. Why did the tapeworm stay far away from Palpatine?

He didn’t want anyone to say he was in Sidious.


5. Why did the tapeworame before he became a skilled pilot?



6. We don’t want to sound racist but…

All stormtroopers look the same to us.


7. Why does Princess Leia keep her hair tied up in buns?

So it doesn’t Hang Solow.


8. What did Darth Vader say when he walked into a vegetarian restaurant?

“I find your lack of steak disturbing.”


9. What is Admiral Ackbar’s favorite type of music?



10. What was Tarkin’s favorite brand of toilet paper?

Charmin to the last.


11. What do you call a rebel princess who only shops at Whole Foods?

Leia Organic.


12. What does your Canadian friend cooking dinner for you have in common with the Empire from Star Wars?



13. What do you call an eel that loves the new Star Wars trilogy?

A More-Rey Eel.


14. How did Darth Vader cheat at poker?

He kept altering the deal.


15. Where did Luke get his cybernetic hand?

The second hand store.


16. Stormtroopers in quarantine are like, “I miss people.”

I’m not too sympathetic. They always miss people.


17. What did Darth Vader say to the Emperor at the Star Wars auction?

“What is thy bidding, my master?”


18. Where does Princess Leia shop for Father’s Day?

At the Darth Maul.


19. What goes, “Ha, ha, ha, haaaa…. AGGGHHHH! Thump”?

An Imperial Officer laughing at Darth Vader.


20. Why was Darth Vader bad at sports?

He always choked.


21. Why couldn’t Luke find love?

He was looking in Alderaan places.


22. How did Darth Vader know what Luke was getting for his birthday?

He felt his presents!


23. What do you call two Han Solos singing together?

Han Duet.


24. Where does Kylo Ren get his creepy black clothes?

From his closet.


25. What did the dentist say to Luke Skywalker?

May the floss be with you.


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26. No, I mean where does Kylo Ren buy his clothes?

From the mall. I mean, have you seen how much Kylo Ren stuff they have there right now?


27. What did Leia’s adoptive parents say when she used to sleepwalk as a child?

Uh-oh, it’s the rise of Skywalker.


28. What position does Darth Vader play in baseball

The Umpire.


29. What Star Wars character sells hotdogs?

Admiral Snackbar.


30. What do you call C-3PO when he’s being a good listener?



31. Why did movies 4, 5, and 6 come before 1, 2, and 3?

Because in charge of directing, Yoda was.


32. What is R2D2 short for?

Because he has little legs.


33. What did Obi-Wan tell Luke when his young apprentice was having a difficult time using chopsticks at the Chinese restaurant?

“Use the forks, Luke.”


34. What do you call an invisible droid?



35. What did Yoda ride as a kid?

A do-cycle. Because there is no tri.


36. Did you know R2D2 loves to curse?

They have to bleep out all his words.


37. My wife says she’s leaving me because of my obsession with Star Wars.

I said, “Please don’t go, honey. You’re the Obi-Wan for me.”


38. Does R2D2 have any brothers?

Nope, only transistors.


39. What do you call five Siths piled on top of a lightsaber?

A Sith-Kabob.


40. What do you need to reroute droids?



41. Why do doctors make the best Jedi?

Because a Jedi must have patience.


42. Why was the droid angry?

People kept pushing its buttons.


43. How long has Anakin Skywalker been evil?

Since the Sith Grade.


44. Why is a droid mechanic never lonely?

Because he’s always making new friends.


45. What do you call a Jedi in denial?

Obi-Wan Cannot Be.


46. I asked my wife to dress up as a bounty hunter from Star Wars.

I have a Boba fettish.


47. What do you call Kenobi triplets?



48. What was General Grievous’ favorite band?



49. Who is short, green and plays the cello?

Yo-Yo Da.


50. I went to a sale at the Maul.

Everything was half off.