4 Ultimate Tips For Last Minute Essay Writing

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November 6th, 2018   |   Updated on December 26th, 2019

Most students find themselves in the last minute rush due to various reasons. However, this does not warranty their panicking since they can still plan and get their work done on time.

One needs to relax then carefully research and write in a focused manner. Some seek writing services to save them the agony of missing deadlines.

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The Ultimate Guide for Last Minute Essay Writing


Missing a deadline is one of the worst students’ nightmares. The consequences range from missing grades to the risk of handing in low-quality essays. Some of the reasons for last minute rush include a busy student schedule, carelessness, and other common inconveniences.

Whatever the reason for the delay, it is possible for a student to meet a really close essay deadline if only they lay out a proper plan. Below is the ultimate guide for last-minute scholarships essay writing:

1. Relax

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When working with a really close deadline, the most natural reaction is to panic. Some students get so tensed that they are not even able to think straight. Whereas such a reaction is justified, it does not have to be so.

If you find yourself in such a situation, try to breathe in and out and find the most relaxed writing posture. This is because panicking will not change the reality if anything it will paralyze your ability to think or work.

One should try to calm down and think of the most efficient plan to follow so that they can get their essay done at least by the deadline. Tension can cause you to forget even the most basic of principles and this makes the situation even worse. Have the right mindset to get the work done.

In fact, experts suggest taking a short nature walk just to get your adrenaline down and have some mental focus. This works better than just pacing up and down and getting even more confused.


2. Create an Outline

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Writing an essay is not difficult in itself but there is a need to have a proper outline. This acts as a guide so that when you embark on the actual writing your ideas will just flow. Compress all your ideas and thoughts and put them on paper.

Make sure the outline captures all the main parts of the essay so that you can make your work easier. An outline will act as a map or skeleton to guide your writing.

When doing your outline, you can freely scribble random thoughts on a rough piece of paper so that you do not lose track of your writing.

Again, a proper outline should not be too detailed but rather a frame to jump-start your writing. A good outline precedes a great essay and it is never a waste of time to work on an outline.

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3. Put all Your Energy to Writing

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Once you have your outline and general thoughts on paper, you can now focus all your energy to write. Get rid of every distraction and focus so that you do not lose track of your thoughts. Since an essay is like a story, your ability to articulate your thoughts matters.

One is required to maintain a steady flow of ideas. When working on a close deadline, the last thing you want is confusion.

Also, avoid editing your work as you write so that you can save on time and keep your ideas flowing. Have a picture of the ending so that you can easily decide on what to include or leave out of the essay. You do not have to include all your scribbled ideas in the final work but only what is important.


4. Use Proofreading Software

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After holding your breath as you rush to complete your essay, it is natural to get excited as you pen the last sentence. However, do not forget to edit your work to get rid of any spelling mistakes and grammar errors.

Remain focused even as you proofread the whole document and make sure that everything is in place. Some students panic when the deadline is close to the extent that they do not make time to do proper editing.

With proper planning of your little time, it is possible to spare some time and go through your work. You do not have to do this manually since there are applications available to help you with the same.

Deploying the right software is both efficient and accurate. As you proofread, make sure you check your work for plagiarism so that you can present an original essay.


Final Thoughts

Working to beat a really close deadline can be stressful especially if one does not plan properly. Some students opt to buy essays from weeklyessay since it is the easiest way out. However, by following the above guidelines, it becomes easier to not just beat the deadline but also hand in a well-done essay.

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