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6 Fresh Date Ideas For Couples Who Can’t Agree On How To Spend Valentine’s Day

Fresh Date Ideas For Couples

Published on December 12th, 2018

For most couples, Valentine’s day is when they are able to give an outlet to their feelings for each other. However, some of them are quite confused and are unable to decide how to make the day memorable. If you and your partner are also amongst those here are 6 fresh date ideas that you can follow.

1. Doing Something Random


There must be something weird that you both have been planning to do for quite some time now. Shred all fears and try and do it on this awesome day. Even if the activity is not so very romantic there is no harm in going ahead with it. So go bungee jumping, try salsa dancing or whatever, just enjoy the togetherness basically.

2. Get To Know Each Other

Falling In Love

There are something’s that you both have shared with each other. However, some truths about the other must have been hidden till now. Sit together and prepare some questions that you would like to ask other and hence become more close to each other. You can ask about their fears, childhood dreams and anything that you think has been hidden.

3. Past Memory Recreation

Falling In Love-3

When in love we always think about the old memories that brought you together. Why not revisit the place and rekindle the romance. Grab a beer at the same joint or watch the first movie that you had seen together. Do something which would bring back the influx of old memories back to you.

4. Have Your Friends Be A Part Of It


Valentine’s day is not only about companionship with your love partner. You can also spend your time with those friends who have no one to share the feelings with. Plan out a get together with your single male or female friends and ask your partner to do so too. This unique gesture would make them happy and also provide you with the space that any relationship needs.

5. How About A Staycation


You do not have to go too much out of the city. Just find a peaceful locale nearby and you could spend your night there. Getting out of your daily routine and spending some time together without any disturbances is a good idea to let the romance come back.

6. Netflix, As The Last Option


If nothing amongst the above works for you Netflix is always there for you. Grab a beer, tub of popcorn and lazily watch a rom-com flick or maybe a series of them. Staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city use this as an opportunity to express your deep love with each other.

Hopefully, these ideas are enough to help you decide how you can make the V day special. With these suggestions in hand, you do not have to compromise on your celebration plans. These easy to implement ideas are sure to help you in keeping the spark alive in your love life. Not to forget that you would build memories that are not so easily forgotten.

Source: Thoughtcatalog

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