Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Features And Reviews

Samsung's Galaxy S21

May 25th, 2021   |   Updated on January 18th, 2023

Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone lets you get creative, stay connected and do it all your way. With the ability to record in 8K, your videos aren’t just cinema-quality, they’re double the resolution of 4K video. Or use the 64MP camera for still shots that come out clear whether it’s day or night.

Better yet, why not do both? Single Take AI transcends the usual restrictions of photo and video editing to capture life’s greatest moments, wherever they happen, in one single take. Galaxy S21, made for the epic in every day. Single Take AI captures images and video up to 15 seconds.


Space Zoom: With Hybrid Optic Zoom and enhanced Super Resolution you can zoom up to 30X** with clarity and precision.* And the new Zoom Lock helps stabilize your shots.

High Resolution: Get amazingly clear, high-quality photos with the large 64MP sensor.* Even in dark situations, it takes in plenty of light to get the rich image quality. It’s all in the details.

8K Video: Get cinema quality video in the palm of your hands. Capture incredible detail in 8K resolution with super smooth action at 24 frames per second.

Review: CNET

Even with those sacrifices, the Galaxy S21 and its starting price of $800 (£769, AU$1,249) is more appealing than the S20. In fact, each phone in the S21 lineup has more to distinguish it from one another than the S20 series did. Out of the trio, the S21 is the no-brainer “you’re due for an upgrade” phone that you’re likely to get from a carrier. And a lot of people are going to get this phone.

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Review: Tech Radar

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is an odd handset on paper, but having spent a week using it we’ve found it to be a highly capable handset that’s a pleasure to use, despite a couple of specs being dropped from previous handsets, notably the Galaxy S20 from 2020.

If you want a larger screen but similar specs, there’s also the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. That is a remarkably similar phone to this, and the big differences are the phone’s size, its battery capacity and it has a slightly more premium glass back

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Review: Gadgets Now

Samsung has opted for an all-new design philosophy in an old shell. What that means is the phone has more or less the same design as Galaxy S20 from the front. Keeping both the smartphones side-by-side you won’t find a major difference except one — the display. The Galaxy S21 ditches the curved display for a flat one. At first, it might sound like a setback, but it really isn’t.

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Review: Android Police

Samsung’s latest smartphone lineup all share similar stylings, highlighted by the now immediately recognizable camera bump that flows smoothly into the corner and polished metal frame. It’s an attractive look, and the sort of physical branding Samsung should probably capitalize on. In a couple generations, it could be as recognizable as the iPhone’s characteristic camera bump if the company doesn’t just throw it all away with the next model.

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